At College Green we live by our values, are passionate in what we do and enjoy our work.

College Green serves others and brings value to all parts of the transaction through each book production. We work in a balanced way, impeccably, in total integrity and mindful of serving the interests of:

• Our college and university partners
• Our customers
• The wider community and the environment
• The College Green team and our supporters
• Our suppliers and production partners

We are mindful that business is about relationships and maintaining a delicate ecology where all constituent parts are important. And where goodwill and creating value are key to longevity and achieving success.

By embracing the belief that by doing the right thing, being prudent and working within sensible fiscal limits, the company will achieve success and be a self-supporting, healthy and functional enterprise.

Our people are professional, honest, skilled, mature, individually accountable, respecting of and open with each other, bold in their ideas and good listeners. We deliver on time and fulfil our agreements as promised.